Taman Negara Malaysia (TNM) was originated base on Pahang Legislation in 1925, with 130,000ha of land designated as Gunung Tahan Game Reserve. Taman Negara or National Park was established in late 1930s and known as King George V National Park. It was renamed to Taman Negara after independence, which literally means "National Park" in English. It was declared for conservation as protected area in 1939 and has become Malaysia's premiere National Park, the largest in country and has the reputations as world oldest tropical rainforest.

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Chalet Suite
Chalet Suite
Experience a tropical rainforest awakening from the cosy comforts of your chalet.

Canopy Walk
Canopy Walk
Experience the world’s longest suspension bridge, 40m above ground and 530m long.

Virtual Tour
Experience a 360 degree virtual tour by clicking on the hotspot.