“With about 350 species of birds in the whole park including Drongos, Malkohas and the Pied Hornbill, Taman Negara is naturally one of the prime birding spots in the region.
First time birdwatchers in Taman Negara often get very excited about the bird numbers they expect to find in the rainforest environment. However it should be remembered that birdwatching is not easy in the dense rainforest and birdwatchers need to be quiet, patient and alert. On trails it is often best to pause for a while and wait quietly for the birds to come to you. A seemingly silent forest can suddenly come to life when a mixed feeding party passes through. Most birdwatchers will already know exactly what is required to make the most of their pastimes. Binoculars with 7 times magnification are generally adequate for Taman Negara.”

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Chalet Suite
Chalet Suite
Experience a tropical rainforest awakening from the cosy comforts of your chalet.

Canopy Walk
Canopy Walk
Experience the world’s longest suspension bridge, 40m above ground and 530m long.

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Experience a 360 degree virtual tour by clicking on the hotspot.